Pink cloud magnetic board for children
  • Pink cloud magnetic board for children
  • Pink cloud magnetic board for children
  • Magnetic decorative cloud board
  • Pink cloud magnetic board for children
  • Pink cloud magnetic board for children
  • White magnets for magnetic board pink cloud for child
  • magnetic game geometric shapes for children
  • Pink cloud magnetic board for children
  • Pink cloud magnetic board for children
  • Pink cloud magnetic board for children
  • Pink cloud magnetic board for children

Pinkish beige magnetic cloud board

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You want to add a touch of softness to your magnetic board? Go for the cloud magnetic board kit and its interchangeable pinkish-beige coating on which the child can draw with Woody 3-in-1 pencils and magnetize anything he wants: photo, drawing, games...

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The pinkish beige magnetic board provides a decorative display space for the child to play, and display beautiful drawings or photos. 6 raindrops accompany this cloud board.

The child will be able to draw on the colored coating but only with Woody Stabilo 3 in 1 . If you want to draw on the magnetic board with a liquid chalk marker, you have to remove the colored coating. 

Our Ferflex® magnetic board kit contains : 

  • 1 Soft magnetic board in the shape of a cloud 94x89cm. Thickness 0,6mm
  • Interchangeable pinkish-beige coating to be positioned on the magnetic board
  • 6 raindrops (7x12 cm) to complete the decoration as you wish.
  • 68 colorful geometric magnet shapes. 
  • 8 round white magnets (diam 27 mm) suitable for small children to fix drawings for example 

If you want to magnetize relatively light things such as drawings, use the magnetic tape roll 19mm x 7M available in our accessory range. You can use the child friendly round magnets to display pictures or drawings. 

The magnetic power of your board remains attractive but weaker with the colored coating. 

Our flexible magnetic board was designed forinteraction. Its installation is very simple. It is done in two steps:

1 - Position the cloud-shaped magnetic board and its drops on a clean wall. It is positioned with a repositionable adhesive.

2 - Position the colored cloud on the magnetic board.

And that's it! It's very, very simple! The walls become a playground and a place of expression without limits for your

children. Drawings, magnetic games, magnetic alphabet... can take place on this cloud-shaped display, the very image of daydreaming. The child can also

draw on the colored coating only with Woody Stabilo 3 in 1

To reuse it later, save the protective film of the adhesive to reattach the board and store it in a dust-free place.

If you draw on your board, use a smooth cloth or a microfiber barely damp to clean it.

If you want to remove it from your wall, gently peel it off from the top and pull it down


  • Sold in kit form for immediate use 
  • No need for glue
  • Easy to install. Can be fixed to the wall with a repositionable adhesive (= reusable board) 
  • Flexible board that receives all types of magnets (to create and imagine a unique decoration)
  • Possibility to draw on the colored coating only with Woody Stabilo 3 in 1

magnetic cloud table

Notice about the product

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    Magnets do not fit

    Merchant's response

    Hello, Thank you for your feedback. It upsets us to know that you are not enjoying your pink cloud 100%. It is true that the colored coating reduces the magnetic power of the board. However, our magnets have been designed to work on all our magnetic media. To lay them out and play. If your magnetic games have taken a bad bend during shipping, for example, we recommend putting them flat with a light weight on them so that they regain a flat shape and their magnetic surface is optimal! We remain at your disposal if you need more information! Lola from the Ferflex team

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    Merchant's response

    Dear Beatrice, I am delighted that you like the pink cloud magnetic painting ???? Please feel free to send us a photo to I wish you a pleasant end of day, Pauline, co-founder of Ferflex®.

  • 5

    Product as described, nice effect and easy to install. ToP for a children's room or playroom!

    Merchant's response

    Hello Marine, I hope you are well! I am so happy to hear that you love the pink cloud magnetic board that you put in your daughter's room ???? I wish you a great family use ???? Beautiful end of the day to you , Pauline, co-founder of Ferflex®.