Large Green Magnetic Wall Chart for Children's Room - Ferflex
  • Large Green Magnetic Wall Chart for Children's Room - Ferflex
  • Magnetic game kit for children from 3 years old - Green board and educational magnetic game Ferflex
  • green magnetic wall chart to play in the children's room
  • Large Green Magnetic Wall Chart for Children
  • Size Large Magnetic Wall Chart Green
  • Large Green Magnetic Wall Chart for Children
  • Rectangular magnetic board - grey beige

Green magnetic board

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The colorful magnetic board provides a trendy display and play space! With its interchangeable coating, the board's color fades a little and softens to a shade of gray-green. The plus: With its new colored coating, you can now draw on your board with Woody Stabilo 3-in-1 pencils.

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The magnetic board and its colored coating allows you to be closer to the desires of the moment! Pink, blue, green, gray ... the choice is yours! The colored coating can be removed and put back on very easily. 

The child can use magnetic puzzles, magnets to tell stories, magnetic coloring. He can also display his best drawings on this colorful magnetic board. 

If you want to draw or write on the board use only Stabilo Woody 3 in 1 pencils 

Dimensions of the available tables :

  • Size S: 38x58cm. Thickness 0,6mm
  • Size M: 57x90 cm. Thickness 0,6mm

Our Ferflex® magnetic board kit contains : 

  • 1 Flexible rectangular magnetic board  
  • 1 Interchangeable grey-green cover to be positioned on the magnetic board
  • 1 magnetic set of 21 colorful geometric magnet shapes to display and play with
  • 8 round white magnets (diam 27 mm) suitable for small children to fix drawings for example 

Other shades are available in the colored paintings section.

If you want to magnetize relatively light things such as drawings, use the magnetic tape roll 19mm x 7M available in our accessory range. You can use the child-friendly round magnets to display pictures or drawings. The magnetic power of your board is still attractive but weaker with the colored coating.

The installation of the magnetic board is very simple. It is done in two steps:

1 - Position the magnetic board with a repositionable adhesive.

2 - Place the colored coating on the magnetic board.

And there you have it! Use Woody Stabilo 3-in-1 pencils to draw on the colored coating. It's so easy! 

To reuse the board at a later date, save the protective film from the adhesive to reattach the board and store it in a dust-free environment.

If you draw on your board, use a smooth cloth or a microfiber barely damp to clean it.

If you want to remove it from your wall, gently peel it off from the top and pull it down


  • No need for glue
  • Easy to install
  • Receives all types of magnets 
  • Sold in kit form for immediate use 
  • Possibility to draw with Woody Stabilo 3 in 1 pencils

Magnetic slate wall chart in the shape of a rectangle

Notice about the product

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  • 2

    Board ordered in color, unusable with the extra layer to stick on the blackboard to have the color. Result: the board is black :(

    Merchant's response

    Hello Gaxuxua, I hope you are well. I just tried to reach you by phone to exchange with you. I left you a voice message if you wish you can call me back. Concerning the colored board, it is well indicated on our product sheets that the product is composed of a black board + a colored coating to be magnetized on this black base. The colored coating is removable and can be changed according to your tastes and your desires. Of course, the colored coating slightly reduces the magnetic power but the magnets you ordered: Tangram, magnetic animal puzzle, caramel blue letters fit perfectly on the blackboards and colored boards. I invite you to send me pictures at and call me back. I wish you a pleasant weekend, Pauline, co-founder of Ferflex

  • 1

    The magnetism is too light, nothing holds even the pen.

    Merchant's response

    Hello Camille, How are you doing? We value our customers' feedback and I am sad to hear that you are disappointed with your order. Can you send us a picture of the green rectangle magnetic board? Is the coating magnetized and flat on the blackboard? Granted, the magnetic power on the colored boards is slightly weaker, but from there nothing will hold. I think there is a problem somewhere. I invite you to roll up the colored coating (color side out) or lay it flat and protect it with a little weight on top for 2 to 3 days. Then you come and position it on the blackboard again. You try again to magnetize your wooden shelf, the dry erase pen... Be careful, do not write on the colored coating with this pen otherwise you will not be able to erase. The pen is adapted to the white slate you ordered. I am waiting for your photo or video at, I wish you a pleasant weekend, Pauline, co-founder of Ferflex

  • 5

    The color is really beautiful, soft. The picture was put on a terracotta wall and the result is really great. Immediately adopted by my son of 2 years who can make his magnetic puzzle on the wall!

  • 3

    I can't answer will be open at Christmas

  • 5

    no reviews. The product did not arrive at my home. It is a gift

  • 5

    Good quality. Nice color. Easy to use

  • 3

    Nice quality but makes the blackboard below lose its magnetism.

    Merchant's response

    Hello Rémi, How are you ? Thank you for your order and for your feedback. As indicated on our website, the colored magnetic boards are composed of a repositionable black magnetic board and a removable colored coating to be placed on our wallpapers or blackboards but also on any metallic surface of the house (fridge, metallic door...) The colored coating is magnetic when placed on a metal surface or on our wallpapers and magnetic boards. Its magnetic power is a little weaker than the blackboard positioned underneath. The strength of the magnets you use is also important. It was important to us to be able to put on and take off the colored coating so that the painting can evolve over time and that the color is not final. I wish you a beautiful and sweet day, Lucine, Ferflex® customer service.

  • 5

    Very pretty, delicate and trendy color

  • 3

    The painting has big defects. The edge is torn in some places

    Merchant's response

    Hello Giulia, How are you? As soon as I saw your message, I took the liberty of calling you to find a solution that would satisfy you. I offered to send you a colored board to replace the one you received. I am sorry that you received a product with defects. I have informed the manufacturing department to prevent this from happening again. I hope that the painting you received in exchange is satisfactory. We would love to receive a picture of the magnetic board at your home at I wish you a very nice day, Pauline, co-founder of Ferflex®.

  • 5

    Very nice, easy to use!

    Merchant's response

    Hello Pauline, I hope you are well. I'm glad you find the green rectangle magnetic board pretty and easy to use. I hope you enjoy using your board. Have a nice day, Pauline, co-founder of Ferflex®.