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Magnetic board Terracotta

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Discover the magnetic board Ferflex magnetic board coating terracotta coating that will bring warmth to your home. This colorful magnetic board is a decorative object with a simple design and playful design for young and old alike!

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Bring a touch of color to your home with this magnetic board and its terracotta colored coating. The warmth of the terracotta color will seduce you at first sight. This magnetic board will look great in a child's room, kitchen or hallway.

Used as a display or game support, this board will allow you to create and imagine a unique and personalized decoration.

The little plus: The colored coating is easy to remove and replace. 

Available in two sizes:

  • Size S : 38x58 cm. Thickness of 0.6mm.
  • Size M: 57x90cm. Thickness 0.6mm.

Our Ferflex® magnetic board kit contains : 

This magnetic board is sold in kit form for immediate use. It is accompanied by :

  • 1 flexible rectangular magnetic board .
  • its interchangeable terracotta coating to be positioned on the board
  • 1 magnetic set of 21 colored geometric shapes
  • 8 round white magnets suitable for young children.

The magnetic power of your board remains attractive but weaker with the colored coating.

Advice for useDo not apply the painting on a new paint. If you have just repainted your wall, leave some time before applying Ferflex® (between 4 and 6 months). Some solvents in paints can alter the power of our adhesive

Very simple, the installation is done in two steps:

1 - Stick the magnetic board in place with its repositionable adhesive. 

2 - Place the colored coating on the magnetic board.

To reuse the board at a later date, save the protective film from the adhesive to reattach the board and store it in a dust-free environment.

If you wish to remove it from your wall, gently peel it off from the top and pull gently downwards. 

How do you store your colored board to ensure it stays in good condition? There are a few important points to bear in mind.

Step 1: Reposition the protective adhesive film on the chalkboard. Store either flat or rolled up with the black side out. It's essential to potion the black side out when you roll it up, as the material has a shape memory. If you don't roll it in the right direction, the magnetic blackboard may warp and have difficulty adhering to the wall.

Step 2: Wrap the coloured coating with the coloured side facing outwards. The coating has a shape memory, and if this step is not followed, it may be deformed and no longer magnetize properly on the blackboard.

Product benefits: 

  • No need for glue
  • Repositionable
  • Receives all types of magnets
  • Sold in kit form for immediate use
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    Perfect, fits perfectly on the wall. Nice color.

  • 5

    Quality product and conforms to our expectations. It looks very good

  • 5

    It looks great in my room

  • 5

    I'll have to ask you later because it's for Christmas and I haven't unwrapped it yet

    Merchant's response

    Hello Gislhaine, How are you? We are happy to hear that Ferflex® will be at the foot of your Christmas tree. A gift that will cause a sensation: learning, playing, imitating, the Ferflex® magnetic board is the favorite companion of children and adults. The little extra of Ferflex® magnetic boards, they don't take up any space and can be placed on a wall, a door or in a previously unexploited corner and bring a decorative touch! We are curious to hear your feedback after unwrapping your Christmas gifts. In the meantime, we recommend that you store the magnetic board in its original packaging, upright, in a place that is not subject to significant temperature variations and protected from light. Do not put any weight on the box to avoid deforming the board. I wish you a beautiful and sweet week, Pauline, co-founder of Ferflex®.

  • 5

    Very nice color and very easy to fix.

  • 5

    Sublime color that matches with the decoration of his room ❤️

  • 5

    Great product. Very satisfied

  • 5

    Very nice adheres very well to the wall as described very satisfied with my purchase

    Merchant's response

    Hello Lea, Thank you for your feedback which makes us happy! We wish you a very nice use of your Terracotta magnetic board. The whole team is looking forward to seeing Ferflex® in your home > by email at contact@ferflex.fr or on IG @ferflex_en. Have a nice day, Pauline, co-founder of Ferflex®.

  • 5

    Very Good

    Merchant's response

    Hello Alexandre, THANK YOU for your order and your feedback which is very rich for us! I hope that the terracotta magnetic board has taken its place in your home and that you enjoy using it. We would be delighted to discover Ferflex® in your home. I wish you a beautiful day, Pauline, co-founder of Ferflex®.

  • 5


    Merchant's response

    Hello Eloise, THANK YOU for your perfect feedback! We wish you a very nice use of your Terracotta magnetic boards! Feel free to share a photo with us at contact@ferflex.fr. I wish you a pleasant week, Pauline, co-founder of Ferflex®.