Magnetic wall calendar - dry-erase, reusable monthly planner.
  • Magnetic wall calendar - dry-erase, reusable monthly planner.
  • Magnetic wall calendar - dry-erase, reusable monthly planner.
  • Ferflex magnetic monthly wall calendar to keep you organized
  • Ferflex magnetic and rewritable monthly wall calendar
  • Magnetic wall calendar - monthly planning
  • Set of 6 silver color magnets
  • black dry erase marker and its magnetic marker holder

Magnetic wall calendar - monthly planning

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Useful and decorative, the magnetic wall calendar offers a life-size display space.Appointments, special activities, birthdays, invitations... you can note everything and magnet according to your desires !Reusable and magnetic, it will simplify your life!

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Want a life-size calendar that the whole family can access? Opt for the magnetic wall calendar! In an entrance hall, kitchen or office, it's the perfect way to keep track of appointments and activities for the whole family, while adding a decorative touch! Comes complete with white magnetic numbers to display the dates of the days of the week, magnetic letters to inscribe the corresponding months, a set of 38 magnetic reminders to keep track of appointments, a black dry-erase marker to write on the reminders and 6 silver magnets . This modular kit will make your life easier!

Our advice :

Each calendar slot features a magnetic, erasable reminder for your appointments. The boxes for each day of the month allow you to record your daily activities, while the extra space on the side lets you make annotations or jot down important notes. Thanks to its magnetic surface, you can also attach visual reminders, photos or important documents directly to the calendar. Use magnets to display documents and/ormagnetic adhesive to display photos! 


Practical and flexible, you can position your calendar as you like! You can adapt the configuration of your calendar to suit your wall space. Widthwise if you have a wide wall space, or heightwise if you want to position your calendar on a narrow wall (see photos). You can also give free rein to your creativity and adapt the configuration of the magnetic monthly calendar to your personal taste! 

Uses :

- At home: in the kitchen or family hallway to keep track of family activities.

- In the office: in your workspace to stay organized and productive.

- In an educational environment: in a classroom or study room to plan lessons and homework.

Our Ferflex® magnetic monthly calendar kit contains:

  • 1 magnetic calendar composed of 35 magnetic squares of 13x13 cm, a rectangular "memo" board of 67cm x25cm (HxW) and a magnetic line of 60x7,5cm to write the month and the year. Thickness 0,6mm
  • 1 set of white magnetic numbers and letters - 142 pieces to display weekday dates
  • 38 reminders: 5 coloured magnetic reminders 8x8cm (pastel colors), 5 white magnetic reminders 8x8cm, 5 white magnetic reminders 6.5x4.5cm, 10 coloured magnetic reminders 6.5x4.5cm (pastel colors), 4 white magnetic reminders 2.2x8.5cm, 9 coloured magnetic reminders 2.2x8.5cm (pastel colors)
  • 1 black dry erase marker and its magnetic marker holder
  • 6 silver magnets (Format 6x10mm). Discreet but powerful magnets.

To position your wall calendar :

  • Lay out the magnetic calendar slate boards on the floor before installing it on the wall so that you can see its composition: 5 lines of 7 squares next to the "memo" board. Above, place the magnetic line to write the month and year. (see visual below)
  • Draw markswith a pencil so that you are straight. Don't panic if the position doesn't suit you. The boards are repositionable!
  • Once the calendar is mounted on the wall, position the days of the month on the corresponding boxes with the magnetic numbers.
  • Mention the month and year on the magnetic line with the white magnetic letters.
  • Start filling your calendar with magnetic reminders

To remove the painting from your wall: 

  • To remove your calendar from the wall, start at the top and pull very gently downwards.
  • To reuse it later, keep the protective films of the adhesives to reattach the paintings and store them in a dust-free place.
  • We do not recommend the use of chalk because it can mark the board. We recommend the use of liquid chalk markers.

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    Very practical for keeping track of the whole family's needs

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    Very good product, I'm very happy with it?

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    Quality product

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    Perfect, easy to install, good quality

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    Too good

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    Very good support. The monthly calendar is great for keeping track of the month's events in my classroom.

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    Perfect product! Qualitative and easy to apply

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    Maybe some letters are missing...

    Merchant's response

    Hello Emilie, How are you doing? Thank you for your feedback. The feedback from our customers is very important to us and allows us to evolve again and again! The monthly magnetic calendar comes with 142 magnetic numbers and letters as well as 12 magnetic reminders to keep track of the dates and appointments not to be missed during each month! We will take into account your feedback regarding the letters and will think about it! I wish you a pleasant and sweet weekend, Lucine, Ferflex® customer service.

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    Very happy with the product!

    Merchant's response

    Hello ! What a great return on your order, many thanks! I hope you enjoy using our magnetic board at the Ressourcerie! Have a great day, Louise, Ferflex® customer service.