magnetic adhesive wall sheet - black
  • magnetic adhesive wall sheet - black
  • magnetic adhesive wall sheet - black

Interchangeable magnetic wallpaper base

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Black Ferflex®base to fix an interchangeable magnetic wallpaper strip on your wall. Self-adhesive magnetic sheet of 55x260cm and 0,6mm thick. Made in France.

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Self-adhesive magnetic sheet : base for interchangeable magnetic wallpaper

Our black Ferflex® base is a self-adhesive magnetic sheet that is very easy to apply.

It comes in the form of a strip 55 cm wide and 260 cm long, with a film to be removed to release the adhesive part. When you apply it to the wall, remove any air bubbles by tamping. Take care of the joints of the strips, otherwise you will see them through the magnetic wallpaper. The surface must be smooth and dry, as for the application of the classic paint.

Once placed on your wall, the magnetic sheet is intended to remain there. It can eventually be painted and can therefore remain bare. You can also leave your black Ferflex® base on your wall and magnetize photos, frames, plants.

Dimensions : Strip of 55x260cm - thickness 0,6mm

The installation of the self-adhesive magnetic sheet is done in three steps: 

  • remove the protective film from the adhesive over a few centimeters,
  • position your Ferflex® base on your wall
  • and glue by exerting pressure with the apple of your hand from the inside to the outside while continuing to peel off the protective film of the adhesive until you reach the bottom of your wall.

Product features:

  • You can leave your black Ferflex® base on your wall and magnetize photos, frames, plants .
  • It is thin, but with a suitable magnetic power
  • It is fixed on your wall with an adhesive and does not move anymore
  • It is very resistant
  • The strips can be connected.

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