In order to create Ferflex®, we relied on the the company'sknow-how to offer you a product of quality product. The power of attraction of our magnetic wallpapers and paintings is much stronger than magnetic paint. Thus, all types of magnets and heavy magnets adhere to our magnetic supports.

We wanted to offer our customers an innovative innovative, beautiful, practical and easy to use product. Our Ferflex® wallpapers and magnetic boards are sold in kit form for immediate use requiring no preparation other than a smooth, clean surface. They are provided with a permanent or repositionable sticker according to your convenience.

The main idea: to allow you to create in a few minutes a personalized and lively personalized and livelywall decoration whether in your office, kitchen, bedroom or living room without damaging your walls.

Our magnetic wallpapers are delivered in kit form for immediate use.

Contents of a Kit 


Ferflex® magnetic wallpaper 

Ferflex® magnetic wallpaper is black. It is composed of an adhesive side (to be fixed on the wall) and a magnetic side on which you can magnetize your decorative elements.

black magnetic wallpaper

As the name suggests, this wallpaper is magnetic. This means that you can magnetize decorative elements.

Numerous decorations are available. You can thus, with the liking of your desires, change decoration of only one hand.

The other side of this wallpaper is adhesive. This means that it is self-adhesive. You just have to fix it directly on your wall.

Ferflex® offers 2 types of adhesives:

  • A permanent adhesive (which cannot be removed for reuse). This adhesive can better withstand heavy magnetic loads.
  • A repositionable adhesive (which can be removed without damaging the walls and repositioned if necessary on another wall).

Ferflex® magnetic wallpaper is presented as a strip. You can use several strips if you want to cover a large surface. The use of strips is more practical when it comes to installation.

Ferflex® offers 4 sizes of strips:

  • 38cm x 58 cm
  • 1m x 60cm
  • 2mx 60cm
  • 2,60m x 60cm

The wallpaper being black, the junction between the strips is very simple.

The advantages of magnetic wallpaper

As you can see, you don't need any preparation with glue (which you have to clean up afterwards) to position the Ferflex® magnetic wallpaper.

It's simple, convenient, fast and clean!


After testing the magnetic paint, we realized that even after several coats (3 to 5 coats) some magnets slipped on our wall. Indeed, ferrous particles are embedded in the paint to attract the magnets. However, when you spread your paint you don't know how you distribute these ferrous particles on your wall, that's why you have to put several layers of magnetic paint and despite everything only powerful magnets type neodymium will hold on your paint.

Ferflex ® is composed of a very high concentration of ferrous particles distributed to the millimeter in the same way. Thus, you can use all types of magnets on our magnetic wallpaper and even go as far as magnetizing a frame using our magnetic adhesive strips (for a 30x40cm frame for example). Easier to install, more economical and more powerful: the hardest part will be to know where to stick your Ferflex®.

Love your life
on Ferflex® and change your decor
according to your desires!