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Refer your friends and get a 10€ discount for each referral. As good news never comes alone: following his first order, your godson will also benefit from a 10€ discount coupon valid for 1 month. Offer valid for a minimum purchase of 30€.

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Ferflex magnetic board
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Ferflex magnetic board

*Your referral places his/her first order** and you receive your reward as well as your referral!

** For a minimum purchase of €30

What do I win?

As soon as your referral places his or her first order, you'll receive your €10 directly into your personal account in the "My Rewards" section. And that goes for every new referral!

In a nutshell:

As a sponsor, you'll receive €10 in your personal account for every first order placed by one of your sponsored friends.

As a referral, you'll receive €10 to use on your first order with a minimum purchase of €30 (incl. VAT) (and you'll be passing on the benefits to your referrer!

How do I redeem my vouchers?

Log in and go to your personal account, "My Rewards" section. This section gives you access to your rewards management and earnings history. Here you'll find all your discount codes for use on your next purchase from www.ferflex.fr (with a minimum order value of €30 inc. VAT).

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