What you need to know:

Do not apply to paint that is less than six months old: if you have just repainted your wall, allow some time before applying Ferflex®! Some solvents in paints can alter the strength of our adhesive.

A smooth cloth or a barely damp microfiber is your magnetic board will be all clean.

We do not recommend the use of chalk because it can mark the wallpaper. We recommend the use of liquid chalk markers.

The installation of magnetic wallpaper

Warning: before putting up your wallpaper 

Prepare your wall by cleaning it. Indeed, for your wallpaper to adhere properly to your wall, it must be clean, healthy and dry (for example, if necessary, remove old wall coverings: old wallpaper, tiles... or fill in any holes or cracks). We do not recommend installing magnetic wallpaper in a damp area, such as a bathroom.

The magnetic wallpaper consists of an adhesive side (to be fixed on the wall) and a magnetic side on which you can magnetize your decorative elements.

composition of a strip of magnetic wallpaper

The installation is done in 3 steps

instructions for applying magnetic wallpaper

As we have just seen above, the magnetic wallpaper is self-adhesive and is presented as a self-adhesive strip (the strip). Simply remove the protective sheet and stick your strip directly on your wall. To avoid air bubbles, use a spatula.

The magnetic wallpaper is applied from top to bottom regardless of the orientation of your wallpaper (horizontal or vertical)

STEP 1 / Remove the protective sheet, adhesive side, on a strip of about 5 cm.

STEP 2 / Position the top of the adhesive (the 5 cm strip) directly on your wall. Remove, little by little, the protective sheet until the bottom.

STEP 3 / Attach the entire surface of the wallpaper to your wall by applying pressure with your hands so that it adheres well and to expel any air bubbles always from the inside to the outside.

That's it! Now all you have to do is place your decor on top!

decorate your magnetic wallpaper

Tip: Before you install your wallpaper, mark it with a pencil so that it is straight.

Note: It is possible to cut your magnetic wallpaper strip very easily if you want to give it the shape you want (star, diamond...)