magnetic dry-erase and reusable wall calendar - Ideal for the family - Ferflex
  • magnetic dry-erase and reusable wall calendar - Ideal for the family - Ferflex
  • calendrier magnétique effaçable à sec pour cuisine - Ferflex

Monthly magnetic wall calendar - Le familial

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Keep an eye on your family organization with this Magnetic Monthly Calendar. Designed to meet your daily planning needs, this wall calendar will help you plan and coordinate the whole family's activities in a fun and efficient way.

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The magnetic monthly calendar is ideal for seamless family organization! Designed specifically to help you organize your schedule, it offers a practical and attractive way to plan and keep track of the whole family's activities. Supplied with colorful graphic magnets to mark appointments, special events, vacations and activities with family and friends, this magnetic calendar is ideal for use at home.
Its size (1mx58cm) provides ample space for noting all your commitments. Designed in a decorative spirit, its arched shape will add a modern, aesthetic touch to an entrance hall or kitchen. 

How to use:

Thanks to its magnetic erasable surface, you can easily write and erase your appointments using the black dry-erase marker included in the kit. 

Personalize your magnetic calendar with graphic magnets. Use its flexible magnets to organize your ideas and notes, or to display special appointments.

Use magnetic daily labels to clearly display the days of the week month after month. Available in English and French.

Our Ferflex® magnetic family calendar kit contains : 

  • 1 arch-shaped magnetic repositionable wallpaper 1mx58cm
  • 1 magnetic dry-erase calendar (57.2x76.7cm)
  • 66 magnets (2 magnet boards): including 52 graphic pictograms Ø 2.3cm - 14 weekday magnets in FR and EN 1.6x6.6cm
  • 1 feutre effaçable à sec avec son porte marqueur.

The magnetic calendar attaches to the wall with repositionable adhesive.

Very easy to use, it can be installed in just two steps:

1 - fix the arch-shaped magnetic wallpaper to your wall space with its repositionable adhesive. (it can be moved without leaving any traces).

2 - Position the dry-erase calendar on the magnetic wallpaper. Use the dry-erase marker to note the current month and the magnetic labels to create your markers.

Would you like to remove the calendar from your wall?
Peel off the black base from the top of the wall and pull very gently downwards. To reuse it later, keep the protective film of adhesive to stick the magnetic board (black base) back on and store it away from dust.

Please note We advise against using chalk on the black base, as this can mark the board. We recommend using liquid chalk or woody markers on this black base.

- No glue required
- Easy installation
- Magnetic, erasable and reusable backing
- Accepts all types of magnets
- Sold in kit form for immediate use