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Ferflex® is the first decoration brandthat's 100% family-owned, 100% magnetic and 100% made in France!

It was launched in 2017 by Pauline & Martin, a young couple from southwest France.


Who's behind Ferflex®?

Pauline & Martin , a young couple from south-west France with two children.

Since his childhood, Martin has always had in mind to take over the company founded by his father more than 30 years ago. And in 2013, he bought the family business the family business specialized in magnets and magnetic solutions.

Pauline, on her side, created and managed for six years a concept store in Biarritz where she proposes young brands of ready-to-wear, accessories, decoration...

Then in 2016, during a lunch Martin explains to Pauline that some customers are having a problem with the magnetic paintThe problem was that only strong magnets would fit on the magnetic paint. That's when the idea of combining their talents was born.

Pauline, creator of Ferflex magnetic wallpapers

Creator of a beautiful fashion and decoration store in Biarritz

they wanted to create
a beautiful brand.
A brand in the world
of decoration and DIY and
that relies on the family specialty:
In 2017, they decided
to launch Ferflex®,
a magnetic wallpaper
that will shake up the codes
of wall decoration.

This is how
Ferflex® was born!

Martin, co-founder of the Ferflex brand

Takeover of the family business of magnet
in Bearn


"Iron" as in iron which attracts a magnet and "Flex" as in flexible for the 1001 possible uses of this product, which will very quickly be displayed in your home. A new way of thinking about wall decoration with our magnetic wallpapers and pictures.

Whatever the style, wall decorations shape the soul of a house and tell a story. It's up to you to tell yours in a simple simple and practical way!

Reinvent your wall decoration with Ferflex® in infinity!