How to put up your wallpaper ?

Magnetic wallpaper is applied from top to bottom regardless of the orientation of your wallpaper (horizontal or vertical). 

For a quick and easy installation, your surface must be smooth and clean. We advise you to clean it with a clean cloth to remove dirt and dust.

During the installation, peel off a few centimeters (about 5cm) of the protective film of the adhesive and start to stick your wallpaper while blending with your hand or a clean cloth.

Once this strip is glued, gently pull on the adhesive film and repeat until you reach the end.

At any time, if you have misplaced the adhesive or an air bubble appears, gently peel it off and reposition it. Provided you have not glued your Ferflex® all the way down.

Congratulate yourself and act out what you had imagined in your head!

Remember to keep this film, which is essential when you want to store and reuse your repositionable board later. Our repositionable adhesive sticks and peels off without leaving any marks, provided that the magnetic board is placed on a sound surface.

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How to remove your wallpaper from the wall?

To remove your picture or wallpaper from the wall, start from the top and pull very gently downwards.

Attention, only the paintings and repositionable wallpapers do not leave any trace.

Demonstration video 

Christmas tree : Video demonstration



  • Do not apply to paint that is less than six months old: if you have just repainted your wall, allow some time before applying Ferflex®!
  • Repainting Ferflex® is possible: in the color you want and with iron paint then Ferflex® disappears completely but remains totally magnetic.
  • It is also possible to stick a new wallpaper on top of it: change the decor at will, your wall will keep its magnetic power