Round magnet yellow color - Set of 8 pieces
  • Round magnet yellow color - Set of 8 pieces
  • Round magnet yellow color - Set of 8 pieces

Round colored magnet - Set of 8 pieces

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Set of 8 round magnets (diam 27 mm) suitable for small children. Available in 4 colors: yellow, white, black and red.

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These mounting magnets are ideal for displaying your photos on your Ferflex® magnetic surface. They are child friendly and available in several colors: yellow, white, black or red.

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Based on 5 reviews

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    red and black Very good

    Merchant's response

    Hello Roger, How are you doing? THANK YOU for your feedback, very valuable to us. We are very pleased that you like the red and black round magnets. The ideal companions to magnetize photos, documents and even several sheets at the same time thanks to their strong magnetic power. I wish you a pleasant day, Pauline, co-founder of Ferflex®.

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    A small piece of magnet was very slightly damaged, but they hold so much better than the ones bought in the stores around.

    Merchant's response

    Hello Cassy, Thank you for your feedback. When a product presents a small anomaly do not hesitate to send us an email with a picture to The satisfaction of our customers is very important. I wish you a pleasant afternoon, Pauline, co-founder of Ferflex®.

  • 5

    Strong magnets that do their job

    Merchant's response

    Hello Julien! Thank you very much for your feedback on your Ferflex® order, they are the ones who allow us to improve every day. For the super magnets if they give you satisfaction, they are great to personalize your magnetic wallpaper! I wish you a beautiful and sweet week, Louise, Ferflex® customer service.

  • 5

    Nice and efficient.

    Merchant's response

    Hello Marie, Thank you for your feedback? The round magnets are great for children: easy to handle, colored to bring a touch of pep and practical to display drawings, photos... I wish you a nice and sweet day, Pauline, co-founder of Ferflex®.

  • 5

    Big magnets with a nice red color.

    Merchant's response

    Hello Sabine, The opinions of our customers are very important to us. I take great pleasure in reading them and answering them as well. You have played the game by leaving us a general opinion on your order and one on each product ordered and I thank you very much ? I wish you a nice day, Pauline, co-founder of Ferflex®.