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  • Magnetic wooden pot
  • Magnetic wooden pot
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  • Magnetic wooden pot
  • Magnetic wooden pot
  • Magnetic wooden pot
  • Magnetic wooden pot
  • Magnetic wooden pot
  • Magnetic wooden pot
  • Magnetic wooden pot

Magnetic wooden pot

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Fall in love with our magnetic wooden pot. For your herbs or your pencils, this pot is a real asset for your magnetic decoration. With this accessory, your spices will always be within reach or your pens always stored! 

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Multi-function, this magnetic wooden pot is the essential element for your decoration. Easy to install, it magnetizes on all magnetic supports (magnetic board, magnetic wallpaper or fridge). 

Dried flowers, herbs or green plants*: any plant can be lifted into this magnetic wooden pot. A real pencil pot, it's also perfect for a desk!

This cube is made of unvarnished wood**. It can be magnetized on all magnetic supports thanks to our adhesive magneticstrips positioned on one side of the cube

We advise against placing heavy objects in wooden pots.


Exterior: 9x9x9cm (WxLxD)
Interior: 8,5x8,5x8,5cm (WxLxD) 

*Please note that this wooden pot does not support a large weight load. For example, do not plant the plants inside the pots. 

**Wood being a natural material, not all pots are identical in color or finish.

The magnetic wooden pot is strong enough to hold pencils or small plants.

To water the plants, we advise you to use pot covers and to remove them to water them (Do not water directly in the pot) 

We advise against placing heavy objects in wooden pots.


Wooden cube with adhesive magnetic strips on one side. 

Notice about the product

Based on 55 reviews

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    You can't put anything inside, so it's useless.

    Merchant's response

    Hello Michèle, Thank you for sharing your experience with us. We're sorry to hear that you're having trouble using magnetic wooden pots. In order to help you better, could you please provide us with some additional information? First of all, what surfaces have you glued your magnetic board to? Is the surface smooth? And is the paintwork recent? Next, what kind of objects do you want to place in the pots? How have you positioned them on the magnetic board? If possible, could you send us a photo of your installation via our contact form? This would be a great help to us in understanding the situation and finding a satisfactory solution for you. Have a nice week, Pauline, co-founder of Ferflex

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    It completes the magnetic picture. I put a dried hydrangea flower on top.

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    Practical for everyday use, but not necessarily very well made. The wood used is very thin and marks at the slightest impact. Not worth the price, as it can easily be made yourself by adding magnetic adhesive if you have a few tools and a bit of wood at home.

    Merchant's response

    Dear Célène, Thank you very much for your detailed feedback on our wooden pot. We're delighted to hear that it comes in handy every day. However, we are sorry to hear that you find the workmanship less solid than expected, and that the wood used seems thin and marks easily at the slightest impact. Your opinion is important to us, and we'd love to hear from you to understand how we can improve our product. Thank you again for your trust and your contribution to the continuous improvement of our products. Have a nice day, Pauline, co-founder of Ferflex

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    Very practical

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    Superb. Perfect complement to magnetic boards from the same brand.

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    Compliant product.

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    Very good

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    nice product