Dinosaurs magnetic wallpaper strip
  • Dinosaurs magnetic wallpaper strip
  • Dinosaurs magnetic wallpaper strip
  • Ferflex® Dinosaurus Kit - Interchangeable Wallpaper - Limited Edition

Ferflex® kit + interchangeable Dinosaurus magnetic wallpaper

89,00 €

Magnetic wallpaper Dinosaurus - 55x260cm - black magnetic base + wallpaper strip to be magnetized on the base.

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Interchangeable magnetic wallpaper 

Make your children'sdecorations evolve according to their age with our interchangeable magnetic wallpaper kit. We have designed our kit to be as easy to use as possible for you. Inside you will find our black Ferflex® base (55x260cm - thickness 0,6mm) self-adhesive and the Dinosaurus magnetic interchangeable wallpaper strip (55x260cm - thickness 0,4mm).

The first step is to glue our black Ferflex® base to your wall. To do this, you must gradually remove the white film that protects the Ferflex® adhesive while treading from the inside out to remove any air bubbles. In a snap, your black Ferflex® base is glued to your wall.

Now let the magic happen by magnetizing your Dinosaurus wallpaper directly on Ferflex®.
Your child has grown up and is tired of this wallpaper (roll it up and put it away in your closet) and order a new one from our website old.ferflex.com.

The black Ferflex® base can be left raw to magnetize drawings, photos, slates...

1 kit includes 1 strip of our black Ferflex® base and 1 strip of our magnetic interchangeable wallpaper.

Technical information:

  • Connectable: yes
  • Size black Ferflex® base (55x260cm - thickness 0,6mm)
  • Ferflex® interchangeable wallpaper strip size (55x260cm - thickness 0,4mm) -