Ferflex® kit + magnetic wallpaper Interchangeable marine background
  • Ferflex® kit + magnetic wallpaper Interchangeable marine background
  • children's bedroom wallpaper magnet Dark blue sea background

Ferflex® kit + magnetic wallpaper Interchangeable marine background

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This magnetic interchangeable wallpaper plunges us into the aquatic depths. Its colors will enhance your interior for a unique wall decoration. Installing wallpaper is easy with Ferflex®!

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Magnetic wallpaper Interchangeable marine background - ready to install

This wallpaper invites the imagination with its fine drawings representing the sea bed: corals, seaweed, starfish are displayed on your walls to create a soothing and comforting atmosphere.

All Ferflex® products are sold in kits for immediate use.

Inside you will find everything you need to install and use it without having to leave your home. 

The kit magnetic wallpaper interchangeable sea bottom is composed of:

  • a self-adhesive black Ferflex® base of 55x260cm and 0,6mm thickness
  • anda strip of magnetic wallpaper interchangeable Marine background of 55x260cm and 0.4mm thick.

This wallpaper is designed and manufactured in France by the brand Ferflex®.

A simple installation in two steps:

  • The first step is to glue the black Ferflex® self-adhesive base to your wall,
  • on which you will magnetize directly your strip of interchangeable wallpaper with the pattern you have chosen (2nd step).

With this innovative concept, wallpapering becomes a real pleasure! And what's more, you can change your wallpaper with a snap of the fingers by ordering individual strips of magnetic wallpaper on our website old.ferflex.com. It is also possible to leave our black base blank and decorate it with frames, plants, mirrors, etc. simply by attaching magnets directly to your objects (the strength of the magnet determines the weight of the object).

One strip, two strips, three strips? You can choose the atmosphere you want. Our strips are connectable.

Product features:

  • It is resistant in time
  • Once positioned on the black magnetic Ferflex® base, it does not move
  • The patterned wallpaper strip is infinitely repositionable on the self-adhesive black Ferflex® base
  • No harmfulness
  • It is washable (use a soft, slightly damp cloth)
  • It can be stored by rolling it up on the outside and reused over and over again (remember to protect it and store it in a dry, dark place)