magnetic wallpaper in Ferflex kids room
  • magnetic wallpaper in Ferflex kids room
  • magnetic wallpaper to display your photos
  • magnetic wallpaper in children's room
  • magnetic wallpaper in children's room
  • magnetic wallpaper in children's room

Ferflex® magnetic wallpaper kit black 2mx60cm

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Our magnetic wallpaper allows you to create, very simply, a display space to attach small objects such as photos, cards, drawings or even memos without damaging your wall with tacks, adhesive pads or small nails! 

  • Quick and easy installation with adhesive
  • Set of magnets included 
  • Receives all types of magnets
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You don't need any DIY skills to apply our magnetic wallpaper. Ferflex® has a strong adhesive on the back that allows for a firm grip on your surface and immediate use.

In a child's room, our 2m kit is ideal! Stick Ferflex® horizontally and transform your wall, an old school picture or a wooden board into a creative space for your child. Display their most beautiful drawings, photos of unforgettable family moments, small decorative objects such as an origami animal head. Ferflex® is also the ideal support to teach your child the alphabet and how to count thanks to our numbers and magnetic letters or maybe you have kept those famous magnetic letters from our childhood which will bring a little vintage note! With our magnetic wallpaper, your child can give life to his wall by magnetizing animals, shapes and thus let his imagination run free.

 Your teen and Ferflex® are a true love story!

As kids get older, they like to spend more time in their rooms. Nowadays, their pictures are hung on the wall with thumbtacks or adhesive pads and it drives you crazy! Create a space with him with our Ferflex® magnetic wallpaper. This way, he can easily display whatever he wants: posters, invitations, photos, concert tickets, etc... And since teenagers often change their minds, they can change their decor as often as they want without damaging the wall! He can even write on it with our magnetic memos which, as its name indicates, magnetize on our wallpaper. We tested the chalk paint but in time the support whitened because of the chalk dust or the ink of the chalk marker, it is then necessary to repaint. Our magnetic slates allow you to keep a clean support while having the possibility of writing!

Bring a hallway or stairwell back to life with our adhesive magnetic wallpaper, either horizontally or vertically. Ferflex® allows you to create a giant moodboard on which you can display all your best photos, vacation memories, small mirrors or posters. Want to write on our magnetic wallpaper to leave small messages or write a mantra or a quote? It's possible with our magnetic memos or our magnetic notes.

You can write and draw on your Ferflex® magnetic wallpaper with a liquid chalk marker or a Stabilo 3-in-1 woody pencil available on our site.(be careful not to leave more than 48h, erase regularly to avoid leaving traces)


  • 1 roll of permanent adhesive magnetic wallpaper, 2mx60cm, 0.6mm thick
  • 1 roll of 19mm x 7M magnetic adhesive for displaying photos 
  • 8 silver magnets.

Advice for useDo not apply to new paint. If you have just repainted your wall, leave some time before applying Ferflex® (between 4 to 6 months). Some solvents in paints can alter the power of our adhesive.

You can write and draw on your Ferflex® magnetic wallpaper with a liquid chalk marker or a Stabilo 3-in-1 woody pencil available on our site.


 First of all, your support must be smooth and clean, as our magnetic wallpaper is quite thin (0.6mm thick) and any roughness on your wall can be seen. To cut Ferflex®, use a scissor or a cutter with a rigid rule.

  • Make marks on your wall to ensure a straight installation.
  • Peel off a few centimeters (about 5cm) of the protective film of the adhesive and start to stick your wallpaper while blending with a spatula if you have one, your hand or a clean cloth. Once this strip is stuck, pull gently on the film of the adhesive and start again until you reach the end.
  • At any time, if you have misplaced the adhesive or an air bubble appears, gently peel it off and reposition it. Provided you have not glued your Ferflex® all the way down.
  • Congratulate yourself and act out what you had imagined in your head!
  • Share your photos with us with the #DOITFERFLEX

It is preferable to install Ferflex over a paint that is more than 6 months old.


Discover all our achievements on instagram: ferflex_en or in the inspiration section of our website.

The advantages of our magnetic wallpaper Ferflex :

  • It is sold with accessories for immediate use.
  • No need for glue. It is fixed with an adhesive.
  • Installation is quick and easy.
  • You can paint your wallpaper with a multi-support paint. Its magnetic power will not be altered 
  • It can be cut with a scissor or a cutter.
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    Perfect: holds well on the wall, attractive, magnets also hold well.

  • 5

    Put them on a cupboard so my kids could play with their magnets. Really great rendering and the magnets hold really well.

  • 5

    not easy to position (it's 2m long, you can't go wrong with the non-repositionable version) but the rendering is brilliant. Allows you to display a certain number of children's drawings.

    Merchant's response

    Hello Caroline, How are you? Many thanks for your order and your ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ To help make installation easier, here are a few tips: first, take the time to make marks to position the magnetic wallpaper correctly. Next, remove about 10 cm of the adhesive protection and position the wallpaper on your marks. Finally, gradually peel off the protective film from the adhesive and stick the wallpaper in place, using a cloth to smooth the surface. a cloth to smooth the magnetic wallpaper with your hand. For further information and advice, please see our videos on our Youtube channel, dedicated to the installation of our magnetic wallpaper. I hope you enjoy using this aesthetically pleasing and practical support, ideal for organizing your space and displaying your children's artistic creations. A real ally for the whole family! See you soon! Have a nice day, Pauline, co-founder of Ferflex

  • 5

    the best of the best

  • 5

    Impeccable finish. Very easy to apply to a painted wall. Just perfect!

  • 5

    Easy-to-install, high-quality product

  • 4

    Wallpaper well received but awaiting break as undercoat drying in progress

    Merchant's response

    Hello, Stéphanie, I hope you are well? Thank you for your nice opinion, I'm delighted to know that you're satisfied with our products. Indeed, we have to wait until the paints are dry and have released all their solvents before applying our wallpapers. Otherwise they may not adhere well to your wall/substrate. I wish you a beautiful and pleasant journée☀️ Lola from the Ferflex team

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  • 5

    Great product. Above my desk, allows to have everything at hand, planning, photos and moreover what an effect.