magnetic wall chart dialogue bubble
  • magnetic wall chart dialogue bubble
  • Size decorative magnetic board in the shape of a dialogue bubble
  • powerful silver magnet

Magnetic board - dialogue bubble

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Want a fancy and practical decoration in your office? Go for our magnetic board "Dialogue Bubble" for a guaranteed comic book effect!

  • Flexible magnetic wall mount 
  • Quick and easy installation with adhesive 
  • Compatible with all types of magnets
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Interested in a chatty wall? Thanks to its strong magnetic power, the " Dialogue Bubble " board is a very practicaldecorative wall display tool on which you can write sweet nothings with our liquid chalk marker or Woody Stabilo 3-in-1 pencils, magnetize your photos, place magnetic dry-erase reminders, display photos, an invitation card, postcards using magnets or magnetic strips. Caution: colored chalk markers are not recommended because of the pigments in the inks that penetrate the material.

The magnetic wall chart dialogue bubble fits perfectly in an office or a child's room. It is easy to put up and is repositionable. The adult can use it as a flexible and effective wall display space.The child will be able to adopt it as a wall space of play and expression by using magnetic games, drawings or photos to display.

Table dimensions:

58x93cm. Thickness 0,6mm

Our Ferflex® magnetic board kit contains :

  • 1 Flexible repositionable bubble board 58x93cm
  • 5 mini magnetic boards in the shape of a dialogue bubble. 8 x12 cm each
  • 1 roll of 19mm x 7M magnetic adhesive for displaying photos 
  • 8 silver magnets

Composition :

- Soft magnetic material.

- Matte finish.

- One side with repositionable adhesive for wall mounting.

Good to know: The adhesion of the glue is much less strong than that of a permanent adhesive. But although repositionable, the glue generates a minimum of tension that can sometimes cause damage to your wall.

The "Magnetic Bubble Board Kit" is sent in a rectangular cardboard tube. You will find all the accessories inside: boards, magnetic strips and magnets.

Advice for use Do not apply to new paint. If you have just repainted your wall, leave some time before applying Ferflex® (between 4 to 6 months). Some solvents in paints can alter the power of our adhesive.

How to fix my magnetic board :

No DIY required! The magnetic board is flexible. It is easily positioned thanks to a self-adhesive system. 

How to remove my magnetic bubble board To remove your board from the wall, start at the top and pull very gently downwards. To reuse it later, keep the protective film of the adhesive to stick the board back on and store it away from dust. You can write and draw on your Ferflex® magnetic board with our liquid chalk marker or a Stabilo 3-in-1 woody pencil available on our website.


  • Easy to install, without glue, holes or screws
  • repositionable flexible board
  • Receives all types of magnets (to create and imagine a unique decoration)
  • Sold in kit for immediate use.
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    Magnetic board corresponding to my choice. Consistent quality

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    answer already recorded...

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    Nice product, perfect, very good quality

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    Very nice product, the little grey magnets are very small but they are very magnetic. The adhesive roll is really a plus.

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    My big guy was able to write words and hang up his best memories, I love it!