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  • Ferflex® kit + interchangeable rainbow magnetic wallpaper
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Ferflex® kit + interchangeable rainbow magnetic wallpaper

89,00 €

To bring a trendy, vitamin-rich touch to your home, try this interchangeable magnetic wallpaper from Ferflex®. Very easy to hang, this rainbow wallpaperimmediately adds a soft atmosphere to any room. Available in 3 colors.

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Interchangeable magnetic rainbow wallpaper kit

With the ready-to-install interchangeable wallpaper kit, you can change your wallpaper in the blink of an eye. Quick and easy to install and use. No need to be a do-it-yourselfer, Ferflex® brand magnetic wallpapers are within everyone's reach.

Designated in France by Ferflex®.


This complete set includes the black Ferflex® adhesive base (55x260cm - thickness 0,6mm) + a strip of magnetic interchangeable rainbow wallpaper (55x260cm - thickness 0,4mm).

The installation is done in two steps:

First step: Take the black Ferflex® self-adhesive base. Peel off the protective film from the adhesive on a 5 cm strip and position it on your wall. Make sure you are straight. Gradually remove the adhesive protection while pushing out the air with your hand or a spatula.

Step 2: Once your black Ferflex® base is fully adhered. Take the roll of wallpaper and leave it rolled up on itself. Then, magnetize the top part for a few centimeters then unroll as you go and let the magic happen.

Want to change your design?

Roll up your wallpaper on the printed side (imperatively) and store it in its transparent film away from light and humidity. You can take it out again in a few months. 

You can order interchangeable magnetic wallpaper strips by the unit on our website or leave your black Ferflex® base on your wall by magnetizing your wall decoration: photos, frames, plants... 

Product characteristics:

  • The wallpaper is printed on a thin layer of PVC
  • It is robust 
  • It can be repositioned endlessly as long as the wallpaper is rolled up on the outside, protected by its transparent film and stored in a dry place away from a light source.
  • It offers a strong magnetic power 
  • Wallpaper strips are connectable
  • Do not glue on a textured wall