pink-beige magnetic arch wallpaper for interior decoration - Ferflex
  • pink-beige magnetic arch wallpaper for interior decoration - Ferflex
  • magnetic wallpaper arche beige rosé for stylish and practical wall decoration - Ferflex
  • magnetic wallpaper arche beige rosé for wall decor - Ferflex
  • repositionable adhesive wallpaper blackboard - 1m
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Magnetic wallpaper kit Arche 1mx58cm - Beige rosé

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Fall in love with our pinkish-beige magnetic arch wallpaper! A magnetic decoration that combines elegance and functionality in all types of interiors. Above a piece of furniture, in the kitchen or bedroom, this magnetic wallpaper is ideal for transforming and enhancing a small wall area.

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Our magnetic wallpaper arche beige rosé

Want to add a splash of color to your home without repainting? Choose Arche magnetic wallpaper in pinkish beige ! With its modern design and soft color, it's sure to bring out the best in your wall decor. In a bedroom, hallway or entranceway, it's perfect for transforming a small wall area and creating a stylish decorative space.

The plus of this magnetic wallpaper: you can magnetize anything: photos, posters, magnetic decorations. If, for example, you want to magnetize relatively light items such as photos, use the 19mm x 7M roll of magnetic adhesive. If you want to attach a frame, use the adhesive strips in the kit. You can use the silver magnets to display posters or postcards. 

In a child's bedroom, magnetic arch wallpaper is the ideal solution for creating a wall-mounted play area where the child can play independently with magnetic games.(Note that silver magnets are not suitable for children. If you want to display drawings in a child's bedroom, you'll need magnets suitable for small hands, available here). 

Want to change the color of your magnetic arch? It's so easy! Remove the pink-beige magnetic coating from your magnetic wallpaper in the blink of an eye and choose from the colors available on our site. 


  • 1 roll of wallpaper with a rounded end which is fixed with a removable adhesive of 1mx58cm. Thickness 0,6mm
  • 1 pink beige liner 1.05mx58.5cm to magnetize on your wallpaper
  • 1 roll of 19mm x 7M magnetic adhesive for displaying photos 
  • 8 silver magnets

Other shades are available in the colored magnetic wallpaper section.

Instructions for useDo not apply to new paint. If you have just repainted your wall, allow some time to elapse before applying Ferflex® (between 4 and 6 months). Certain solvents in paints can alter the power of our adhesive.

Wallpapering is very simple. It is done in two steps:

1 - Place the black magnetic wallpaper on a clean, smooth wall! It's positioned using a repositionable adhesive.

2 - Position the pink beige colored coating 

If you wish to remove the wallpaper from your wall, gently peel it off from the top and pull gently down wards. To re-use your wallpaper at a later date, save the protective film of adhesive for re-gluing on top and storing away from dust.

How do you store your colored wallpaper to ensure it stays in good condition? There are a few important points to bear in mind.

Step 1: Reposition the adhesive's protective film. Store your black wallpaper either flat or rolled up with the black side out. It's essential to potion the black side out when you roll it up, as the material has a shape memory. If you don't roll it in the right direction, the black magnetic wallpaper may warp and have difficulty adhering to the wall.

Step 2: Wrap the coloured coating with the coloured side facing outwards. The coating has a shape memory, and if this step is not followed, it may be deformed and no longer magnetize properly on the blackboard.


Sold in kit form for immediate use

No need for glue

Easy to install. Attaches to wall with repositionable adhesive 

Wallpaper that accepts all types of magnets (for creating and imagining unique decorations) 

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